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Legal notice and privacy policy


This document is intended to establish and regulate the rules of use and safeguarding of the data of the www.oibe.cat website (hereinafter the “Site”), this being understood as all of the pages and their content owned by ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA which are accessed through the www.oibe.cat domain and its subdomains.


The Site is intended to provide its clients with information services and all other services which might be deemed suitable for the correct achievement of its corporate purpose.


The use of this page and the services made available on it to users will suppose the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the general conditions of this Legal Notice (hereinafter the “General Conditions”), so users must be aware of the importance of reading them each time they visit the Site. The fact of accessing this Site implies awareness and full acceptance of the following General Conditions, so ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA recommends users to print them out or download them and read them carefully each time they access.



The owner of this Site is ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA with tax no. NIF 33954193M – C/ Amèrica, 22 3r 2a



By accepting these General Conditions, users agree to use the Site and the services made available herein in the manner and form established. They are obliged not to use this Site and its services for purposes that are in listed and/or contrary to those established in these General Conditions, those which may harm the rights and social interests of third parties or which in any way might damage this Site or prevent its correct functioning or that of the services offered in it or which might be offered in the future.



This Site includes the web page www.oibe.cat.


Access to this Site is the exclusive responsibility of the users. All use of the Site by the users will be at their sole and exclusive risk. ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA does not guarantee: (I) the infallibility, availability, continuity, non-existence of deficiencies and security of the Site; (II) that the content of the Site or the information that passes through it is free of viruses or other harmful elements, as well as errors, omissions or incorrections; (III) security in the users’ use of the Site.


ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA will not be responsible for possible harm that may be derived from interference, commission, interruption, computer virus, telephone problems or disconnections in the operative functioning of this electronic system for causes beyond the control of ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA producing delays or blockage in the use of this electronic system caused by deficiency or overloading in its Data Processing Centre, telephone lines, Internet system or other electronic systems; nor for damage which might be caused by third parties to illegitimate intromissions beyond the control of ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA. Similarly, ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA is relieved of responsibility for any damage that users might suffer as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA provided it comes from external sources.


The fact of accessing this Site does not suppose tabling any kind of commercial relationship between ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA and the user.



The information that appears on this Site is current on the date of its last update. ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information from this Site, and may limit or not allow access thereto.

ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA reserves the right at any time to make all changes and modifications that it might see fit, and may use this faculty at any time and without prior warning.



ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA strives to avoid any error in the content which might appear on this Site. ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA does not guarantee and accepts no liability for any consequences which might be derived from errors in the contents which might appear on this Site from third parties.


ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA in no way accepts liability for contents, commercial activities, products and services which might be viewed via electronic links, if any, and whenever there are, albeit directly or indirectly via this Site. The presence of links on the ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA Site, unless otherwise expressed, is merely from the purpose of information and in no way supposes suggestion, invitation or recommendation thereon. These links do not represent any kind of relationship between ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA and the companies or individuals of the websites to which access is made via these links. ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA reserves the right to unilaterally remove the links which might appear on its Site at any time and without prior warning.



ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA strives to ensure that browsing is done under the best possible conditions and avoiding harm of any kind which could be caused therein.


ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA accepts no responsibility for harm of any kind which might be caused to the users in the use of other browsers or different version of the browsers for which the Site has been designed.


ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA accepts no liability nor guarantees that this Site might be interrupted or free of error. Nor does it accept liability or guarantee that the content or software to which access might be had via this Site is free of error and does not cause harm. In no case will ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA be liable for any loss, damage or harm of any kind occurring through access and use of the Site, including, but without limitation, to those caused to the computer systems or those caused by the entry of viruses. ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA accepts no liability for any damage which might be caused to users through inappropriate use of this Site. In particular, in no way is it responsible for any crashes, interruptions, faults or defects which might occur in the telecommunications.


The services offered on this Site can only be used correctly if they meet the technical specifications for which it was designed.



ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA informs the users of the Site that ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA respects current legislation concerning data protection and specifically Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/99 of 13 December, and the regulation that develops it, taking all necessary technical and organisational measures to avoid the loss, misuse, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data provided, if any, via the Site, bearing in mind the state of the technology, nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.


Supposing that in using the services which ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA offers users on this Site, they have to complete personal data, ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA, pursuant to current regulations, will duly inform users of their rights and will ask for their express and unequivocal consent to treat their personal data.



Access to this Site may involve the use of cookies both on the web pages and in the links or references connected by links. All users who do not wish to receive cookies or wish to be informed of their insertion may set up their browsers to this effect.



ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA declares that, unless otherwise indicated, in the Site, all texts, images, illustrations, designs, icons, sound segments and other materials on the Site and any other intellectual creation and/or invention or scientific or technical discovery, of whatever business or industrial application (hereafter collectively known as the “Content”) have been created or invented by ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA or conceded, licensed, transmitted or authorised thereto by their authors and/or concessionaires.


The user agrees not to suppress or alter any distinctive sign used in the Site, such as, and nonexhaustively, brands, trade names (graphics, logos, etc.), copyright and other data identifying the rights of ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA or third party holders in the Site.


ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA is also the owner of all rights on any kind of works, inventions, discoveries, patents, ideas, concepts, updates and improvements related to the Site, to its systems, applications and programs or the services that ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA gives, which might be created, realised, developed or put into practice for the first time by ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA either by itself or with the help of Site users, in the course of or as a result of any design, development or any other job performed in accordance with the Contract.


Users may not use the name or brands, symbols, logos or distinctive signs owned by ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA without its express consent in writing.


If any user or third party should consider that any of the rights existing in the Site supposes a breach of copyright or other intellectual property protection rights, we would ask them to report this to the following address: ORIOL BAULENAS COSTA, C/ Amèrica, 22 3r 3a – 08551 Tona (Barcelona) · oriol@oibe.cat